Race Results and Medal Mondays – Let us know what races you’re doing!

We are a club proud of having the fastest runner, the slowest runner, and any position in between in any race. With the spring marathon season hotting up, we’d love to hear what races you’re doing, and better if you have a smiley medal photo to share at the end!

Let us know your race events and results!

We want to make sure we capture as many of you out there as possible, but with the number of races there are, we need to rely on your help to get the race results to our website. Here is how it works:

  1. If you have any upcoming races (whether running or triathlon, and anywhere in the world), please check if they are currently on our wesbite’s event calendar (see above).
  2. Please email our Events team if your race is not yet there. We’d prefer the races entered on the event calendar before the event. Please give a bit more detail about the race, e.g. date, starting time, distance, start location, event website. This also helps other members get to know upcoming events, and know someone in the club doing a particular race.
  3. Our diligent Results team will try to find results, primarily through the events’ websites. If you are listed as a Serpentine runner in the event, it’s quite likely we can find you. If not, please email the Results team your finishing time.


Just another Medal Monday…

If you have followed our Instagram channel (@serpiesrc) or our external Facebook page (@serpies) you wouldn’t fail to notice that we now have a Medal Monday post every week to celebrate our members’ performances – whether it’s a 2:30 marathon or half-marathon, it’s worth celebrating.  Get into our next Medal Monday post by sending your photos!

Abhi celebrating his half marathon PB at the Olympic Park with us a few weeks ago!


Here are some simple steps/tips:

–          Cross the finish line (that’s your hardest part done!) and grab a medal;

–          Take a picture of yourself (happy to have your friends and families, whether they are Serpies or not) with the medal;

–          Try to find a nice background (the finish sign is always good. For those running the Paris Marathon next week we look forward to seeing you in front of the Arc de Triomphe!);

–          Remember your Serpie vest / T-shirt!

–          Action shots welcome too if someone takes one for you during your race.

The easiest way to catch our attention is to tag us @serpiesrc when you post on Instagram yourself.  Otherwise, please email your pictures to me (not to Results or Events – as this is handled by our social media team instead) by Sunday evening. If you are on our WhatsApp channels, you can send directly by WhatsApp as well.

Any questions regarding the above, please feel free to email me.


Happy racing,

Hans Ho

Communications Representative


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