Serpentine Triathlon Training Squad

Serpentine Triathlon Training Squads are running once again for the 2016 – 2017 season, aiming to bring structured coaching to the club's triathletes. After 9 years of squads split by ability / distance and following feedback, it's time to try something different. For the 2016 – 2017 season the squads morph into one squad. The single squad will contain a maximum of 50 athletes working together with 20 coaches. Athletes on the squad receive weekly coaching in the three disciplines — swimming, cycling and running. We'll utilise existing Serpentine coached swim and run sessions, plus there will be coached sessions exclusive to the squad.

In addition so the discipline specific coached sessions there will be a number of theory sessions on goal setting, training plan design, training log management, HR zone training, nutrition and sports psychology. There will also be a number of coached technique sessions including swim stroke improvement video, bike and run technique, transition as well as open water swim coaching in the summer.

Who is the squad aimed at?Triathlon runner

The squad is targeting individuals who are looking to commit to a full season of triathlon training and racing as their athletic goal, whether that goal is to complete your first triathlon, go longer to middle and long distance races, or get faster and qualify for the GB age group team. The squad is not suitable if you have other goals such as running a marathon or completing an ultra distance race.

Who are the squad coaches?

Photo of Richard Melik during IM SwitzerlandCoaching is delivered by a team of 20 coaches, all of whom have a passion for triathlon. Our coaches have collectively over 160 years' of racing experience and over 70 years' of coaching experience. There are 2 BTF level 3 coaches, 14 BTF level 2 coaches and 7 BTF level 1 coaches. All coaches are volunteering their time for the 2016 – 2017 season. Coaching profiles for all coaches can be found on the Serpie website.

How does the squad work?

Squad training commences 14th November 2016 and runs through to the end of August 2017 and will focus on building a good aerobic base, technique, and strength for the first three months or so before building intensity for race readiness from May 2017. There are a number of coached sessions throughout the week which all athletes can attend. The sessions will be coached by ability e.g swim lanes in the pool. Whilst this isn’t one-to-one coaching, you will be allocated a mentor coach who will discuss your questions and help you make sense of how to prepare to get the most out of your upcoming races; whether you are a novice or experienced age grouper, going short or long, faster or slower. Train, race, socialise, celebrate and commiserate together – together we will all achieve more.

Where do we train?

In various London locations. Swim sessions take place at the Seymour Pool, 8.30pm – 9.30pm on Monday and St Pancras Pool, 8.00pm – 9.00pm on Thursday. Run sessions take place at Battersea on Thursday, 7.00pm – 8.00pm and at the Handicap in Hyde Park on the first Saturday of every month. Bike spin session days and times to be confirmed. Our theory sessions will take place at the Seymour Centre on either Tuesday or Wednesday at 7.00pm. Open water swim sessions take place at Shepperton Lake on Saturday mornings as soon as the lake is open.

How much does it cost?

The season is broken into two 'terms' – November to April (training phase, which costs £150); and May to August (competition phase, which costs approx £120). This is so that progress and commitment can be monitored more easily. This is not a coaching fee for the club coaches – the cost covers payment for external speakers and coaches (such as the sports psychologist and the coach and venue for the swim video analysis); the hire of meeting rooms; the cost of the spin studio, pool lanes and open water venue for our swim sessions.

What next?

To apply for the squad you must be a current member of Serpentine. Sign up and pay See who else has signed up...

Please apply using the Survey Monkey link below:

The questions you will need to answer are below:

Please be as specific as you can about your previous experience, goals and aspirations so that we can consider your application thoughtfully and maximise the squad opportunities.

  1. What is your name and age?
  2. What is your email address?
  3. How long have you been a Serpentine member?
  4. How much training do you currently do with the club?
  5. Have you ever volunteered for the club, if so for what/how often?
  6. What other involvement do you have with the club?
  7. Can you swim front crawl continuously for 100m?
  8. What is your 400m swim time?
  9. What is your swimming background?
  10. What is your cycle background?
  11. What average (approximately) bike speed would you sustain for a steady 2-3 hour training ride on flat terrain?
  12. What is your best run 5km time?
  13. What is your best run 10km time?
  14. What triathlons have you entered in the past, including splits if known?
  15. Do you have any current injuries or illnesses?
  16. What evenings are you not able to train? Can you commit to at least 3 squad evenings a week and 2 sessions at weekends?
  17. What is your season goal for 2017?
  18. List any races you have already entered or are thinking of entering?
  19. Why would you like to join the squad?

Please note, if you have previously been a member of the Serpentine Tri Squads you will also need to (re)apply but your application will be considered favourably.

Also, please note the initial athlete meeting will take place on Tuesday 25th October 2015 from 7 to 9pm at the Seymour Centre. Please ensure you keep this date free. If you are unable to attend the meeting please let us know in your application, particularly if you have previously been in the novice squad.

Committee contact

If you have any questions regarding Tri Squad please email Alex Elferink: