Tuesday Track Sessions at Parliament Hill Track

Paddington Track

Track sessions at Parliament Hill Track are suspended until further notice. The session now takes place at the Tuesday 7pm Paddington Track Session

What to expect

The detail of the session uses the fastest runners as the 'default' and rep distances are sometimes scaled back pro rata so, eg, if the front guy is doing 1600m then a 36 minute runner might do 1400m.

The reps, total volume usually between about 7k and up to 9k, are usually done in about 40 minutes followed by a warm down either at the track, or by jogging home or to the tube.

If you have recently done a marathon race, please have a month where you stay away from the track.

Please don't use spikes for these sessions - normal trainers or racers will be fine, we recommend the extra protection in favour of the slight extra speed. The only exception will be during winter when the track surface may freeze up slightly - an annoying quirk is that water on a Mondo track seems to freeze at about + 3 Celsius.

Recovery from these sessions will be quicker if you bring along some sort of snack, carbo/protein mix, for after the warm down, as some of the regulars have a long journey home.