Tuesday Track Sessions at Parliament Hill Track

Paddington Track

All members are to be reminded that if they or a household member are unwell they are not to attend club activities and to follow Public Health and government guidance. If they have been involved in any club activities within 14 days before or after becoming unwell or receiving a positive test they must inform the club Covid Coordinator Liz Ayres ecayres@gmail.com  Booking a place on the session confirms you are fit and not required to self isolate as per Government and Public Health guidance.

Coach David Chalfen offers weekly sessions on Tuesday evenings at Parliament Hill Track.  

Note: Currently the track has not been reopened, therefore the meeting point is at the path right by the track but just outside. Sessions are mainly on the path loop of 600m and multiples (or fractions!) of it.  Any questions please contact David  davidchalfen2002@hotmail.com

You need to be in sub 36:30 (men) / 38:30 (women) minutes for 10k shape to attend these sessions.

David will be at the track from 7.00pm. The reps will start at 7.20pm prompt and runners are expected to do their own warm up to be ready for this.

What to expect

The sessions at Parliament Hill Track will follow the annual cycle described below. Most of the sessions will be useful to most of the runners most of the time within this sort of framework. They are designed to get a balance between being optimum for the people that I coach individually; those who are regulars at the track but whom I don't coach beyond that; and the overarching annual calendar that many - but by no means all - Serpie runners, tend to follow.

The detail of the session uses the fastest runners - currently mid 29 mins for 10k - as the ‘default' and rep distances are often scaled back pro rata so, eg, if the front guy is doing 1600m then a 36 minute runner would do 1300m.

  • Late October to mid December - 10k pace sessions
  • Late December to mid Feb - More specific 5k type sessions to add to 10k pace for specific XC races
  • Mid Feb to early April - Continued 3k to 10k sessions
  • Mid April to early July - Main focus on speed endurance and lactate tolerance for middle distance track - mostly using race paces between 800 and 3k
  • Mid July to early October - Move towards 5k/10k/LT sessions with focus on early autumn road targets at 10k/10miles combining some ‘add ons' for Autumn marathoners 

The reps, total volume usually between about 6k and up to 9k,  are usually done in about 40 minutes followed by a warm down either at the track, or by jogging home or to the tube.

David strongly advises against coming to the Tuesday session if you have raced further than about 10k on the Sunday (i.e. two days before) as this will just delay recovery and increase injury/illness risk. In such cases, and subject to individual plans etc., it is advised to wait until Thursday or Friday and do the session elsewhere.

If you have done a marathon race, please have a month where you stay away from the track.

Please don't use spikes for these sessions - normal trainers will be fine, I'd recommend the extra protection in favour of the slight extra speed. The only exception will be during winter when the track surface may freeze up slightly - an annoying quirk is that water on a Mondo track seems to freeze at about + 3 Celsius.

At the risk of becoming a nagging mother hen, recovery from these sessions will be quicker if you bring along some sort of snack, carbo/protein mix, about 300/400 calories worth, for after the warm down, as I know some of the regulars have a long journey home.