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Thursday Endurance and Breath to Move Running Sessions at Regents Park

On Thursday evenings there is coached endurance running session for distance runners in Regents Park. The sessions will take in areas surrounding Regents Park including parts of the track and road with a different session planned each week.

The first session will take place on 14th April 2022, then weekly thereafter. 

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These sessions are facilitated by Kevin McQuaid (Serpentine club member, Oxygen Advantage qualified breathwork teacher and Level 2 Coach in Running Fitness from UK Athletics). If you have questions about these sessions, please contact Kevin McQuaid or email 

The sessions target runners with several years’ experience and who compete regularly, with a leaning towards endurance (5km and up). The session will also focus on how to breath right to help promote performance and well-being. More information on this can be found at

Where and when?

We meet at 7.00pm at the running track in Regents Park on the northern side of the Outer Circle.

The nearest tube station is either Baker St or Swiss Cottage.

Please arrive ready to run and make sure to bring what you need to complete the session. A watch is essential to time yourself for intervals. There will be no bag storage facilities available. Alternatively, you could store your bags in the Seymour Centre main changing rooms and jog around 2.5km to the Regents Park running track for a 7:00pm start.

To help with session planning and to limit numbers for health and safety reasons the session will require sign up in advance. We only take bookings up to 7 days before each session; no block booking is allowed. 

Who are the sessions for?

The sessions are targeted at endurance runners and triathletes who take part in running events throughout the year on any type of surface. Ideally, you should have built up a good base of stamina and endurance before you start and be familiar with undertaking interval training and controlling your pace. The sessions target more experienced runners, those who have around 3-5 years consistent running behind them and is not suitable for beginners.

If you are in doubt whether this is an appropriate session to attend, get in touch with the session coach.

What is the format of the sessions?

The typical session has a total distance around 15-18km including WU/CD including around 45-55min of interval work. The purpose of the sessions is to increase your running endurance and strength along with learning how to breathe right. Combined with a broad endurance base, this type of training will make you a faster runner at distances from 5k to marathon.