Swim for Tri Plans

  • 26 week plan:


Swim for Tri training plans – Week 6

Warm-up 200 Free, 200 drill of your choice, 200 pull   600
Sub Set 16*1L Breathing every 3rd stroke 20 rest 400/533
Main Set 4*200 swim/Drill: – as 2L swim then 1L drill as follows: every 3rd length – Finger Trail, every 6th length Doggy Paddle All with 30sec between 800
  16*1L alternate lengths swimming with hands as fists/fingers wide apart. With 15 rest   400/533
  400 EZ swim Working on upper body rotation, long stroke, bilateral breathing 400
  8x1L doggy paddle Develop the last 1/3 of the stroke ­ exaggerate the thumbs brushing past the hips. With 30 rest 200/266
Cool-down 200 EZ swim down   200


  • Finger Trail – during the recovery phase, the tips of the fingers are dragged along the surface of the water before reaching forward to the entry
  • Doggy Paddle – This is not what you did as a kid! Reach far forward. As the pull begins, bend the elbow, pull and then push back. This drill develops thought about what makes a strong arm movement under water