Swim for Tri Plans

  • 26 week plan:


Swim for Tri training plans – Week 5

Warm-up A mixed start to the session – see description 4L swim, 2L Catch up +2 kicks – position held in streamline, arms fully extended, 2L swim, 1L polo (head up front crawl). Repeat between 3-4 times depending upon ability.
45 seconds rest after each set
1200 or 900
Sub Set 16*1L ½ L as no breathing keeping the head very still and ½ L breathing every 3rd swim stroke. 30 rest after each length 533
Main Set

60 seconds rest after each 400

  1. Concentrate on the exit of the stroke by fully extending the arm and begin the recovery with the elbow.
  2. Hold the same stroke count from lengths 2-5 and 6 onwards.
  3. Breathing every 3rd swim stroke.
Cool-down 200 EZ choice swim   200