Swim for Tri Plans

  • 26 week plan:


Swim for Tri training plans – Week 4

18*1L 20 kicks off each streamline (arms extended) before starting the Swim – Breathing every 3rd stroke – 20 seconds rest after each length
Sub Set 1*400 Co-ordination Drill 3 single arms on the right arm – non-pulling arm extended, 5 swimming stroke, then repeat on the left arm and so on! 400
Main Set 10*4L As 3L swimming and 1L Catch up + 4 kicks which should be counted when both arms are extended in the streamline position
Cool-down 1*400 Full stroke – Finger Trail Concentrating on the fingers/hands lower than the elbows and just touching the water 400


  • Single Arms – exactly as it sounds! Only half the stroke, allowing concentration on coordinating on how each arm should be extended and pull/pushed through the water
  • Catch up – each hand is held out infront in the glide position until the other hand reaches it. Encourages a longer glide and a good body rotation. Allows pause for thought about an efficient stroke. This set uses catch up +4 where the hands meet in front and are held there for 4 kicks
  • Finger Trail – during the recovery phase, the tips of the fingers are dragged along the surface of the water before reaching forward to the entry