Swim for Tri Plans

  • 26 week plan:


Swim for Tri training plans – Week 3

Warm-up 18*1L as Breathing every 3,5,7 by lengths   450
  20 rest    
Sub Set 6*2L as UP swim and DOWN Catch up + 2
(Hold streamline position for 2 secs) 300
Main Set 2 or 3 sets of    
  4*100 Each set you should aim to hold the same pace times. 20 secs rest between 100’s with an extra 60 secs after each set 400
  1*400 swim Exaggerate the exit of the stroke 400
  1*400 swim Finger trail on the recovery phase 400
Cool-down 200 choice   200
      1x2150 2x3350 3x4550


  • Exaggerated front crawl – swim making exaggerated reach in front and push behind
  • Catch up – each hand is held out infront in the glide position until the other hand reaches it. Encourages a longer glide and a good body rotation. Allows pause for thought about an efficient stroke
  • This set has a variation on catch up: +2 where the hands are held together for 2 seconds in the glide position
  • Finger Trail – during the recovery phase, the tips of the fingers are dragged along the surface of the water before reaching forward to the entry