Swim for Tri Plans

  • 26 week plan:


Swim for Tri training plans – Week 2

Warm-up 8*2L Swim Exaggerated front crawl develop the hands fully finishing past the hips 400
  (45 rest)    
Sub Set 200m as Catch up +2 Hold the streamline position for 2 secs 200
  200m as Catch up –1 The hands do not touch in the streamline position 200
  (60 rest)    
Main Set 2*3L Breathing every 3,2,2 by lengths   300
  1*5L Breathing 3,2,3,2,3 by lengths   250
  1*1L doggy paddle   25
  (60 rest) Repeat above 3-4 times – depending upon tiredness – quality is better than quantity  
Cool-down 12*1L (1/2 length Polo 1/2 length swim) Concentrate on correct hand entry, check that the hands are pulling down the centre line of the body 600
      1x1975 2x2550 3x3125


  • Exaggerated front crawl – swim making exagerated reach in front and push behind
  • Polo front crawl – swim head up – used to encourage good arm technique, check placement of hand in the water in front of head and not cross centre line
  • Catch up – each hand is held out infront in the glide position until the other hand reaches it. Encourages a longer glide and a good body rotation. Allows pause for thought about an efficient stroke
  • This set has 2 variations on catch up: +2 where the hands are held together for 2 seconds in the glide position and -1 where the hands don't quite catch up but the stroke continues as each hand reaches past the head
  • Doggy Paddle – This is not what you did as a kid! Reach far forward. As the pull begins, bend the elbow, pull and then push back. This drill develops thought about what makes a strong arm movement under water