Swim for Tri Plans

  • 26 week plan:


Swim for Tri training plans – Week 11

400m Choice of drills, swims, etc. Concentrate on high elbow recovery and full length strokes 400
Sub Set 6*4L As 1L Single Arm front crawl (change arms at ½ way) Think about pulling down the centre line of the body, 1L swim, 1L finger trail, think about high elbows, with the hands beneath, 1L swim – 30 rest. All swims should incorporate what has been practiced on the drills 600
Main Set 8*2L *4 On the 1st set, 2L steady swimming, check time and I want you to hold that time for all 8*2L. 20 Secs rest between each 2L. On the next set the pace is increased to strong swimming, again 2L, check times and repeat for all 8*2L. 30 secs rest between 2L swims. Repeat both sets again 1600
200 Double arm backstroke   200