External Swim Coaching

Please contact these coaches and organisations directly as they are Independent Coaches.

Swimming Technique Lessons with Stephanie

Tuesday 7.30pm to 8.00pm

For newcomers to Stephanie's techniques.

Tuesday 8.00pm to 9.30pm

For those familiar with the drills and the advanced group that swims for longer.

Wednesday 7.00am to 7.30am

For newcomers to Stephanie's techniques.

Wednesday 7.30am to 8.30am

For those familiar with the drills.


Queen Mother Sports Centre, Vauxhall Bridge Road, Victoria.

Many Serpies have learned that they can swim an effortless front crawl using Stephanie's unique training methods. She deconstructs your stroke and rebuilds it into an easy effective stroke. Stephanie explains her techniques in her own words in this article. She has transformed the swimming of many, turning many swim-phobics into triathletes. Although these are open to all-comers you will find most of the classes are filled by Serpentine members.


Please contact Stephanie at the email address below for the current price.

Note: Beginners to Stephanie's methods must attend for the first couple of weeks of each 8 week block of lessons. Bookings and information from strokeworks@hotmail.co.uk

Parliament Hill Lido, summer open water sessions with Terry Collins

Tri for Fitness coach Terry Collins runs 3 sessions a week during the summer targetting open water techniques and fitness at Parliament Hill Lido. Session times are 7 to 8.30pm Tuesday and Wednesday and 9.30 to 10.30am Saturday. Further info from Terry at terencecollins9@googlemail.com

Swim for Tri

Various times and locations: Kensington on Thursdays and Putney on Sundays are particularly well attended by Serpentine members.

Swim for Tri is coach Dan Bullock's swim technique and training company. He does both yardage sessions and technique training. See his website for details of times, contacts and prices.

Also see the swim plans that Dan has kindly provided us with to guide your own training.

Training with Otter SC

We have a link with a swimming club, Otter SC (also BTF affiliated) which provides training in competitive swimming and in water polo. They are happy for Serpentine members who are reasonable swimmers (average 100m speed of 1:30 is the minimum requirement) to join the club should they wish for more advanced and regular swim training. If you are interested in joining, you may schedule a trial session/assessment on Sunday at 5.30pm or Thursday at 7.30pm at Queen Mother Sports Centre, Vauxhall Bridge Road. The cost is approximately £500/year. More information can be found at the club's website.

Note: These sessions are not to learn to swim or to learn technique. They are for fitness training and you will be expected to be able to swim all four strokes (including butterfly) and to perform competent tumble turns. If in doubt, go and have a look to make sure they're suitable for you. Please contact Charles Doxat to schedule a trial session/assessment.