Swimming Training

It is always a battle to find pool space in a in a city of 6 million people. Listed here are the swimming training organised by Serpentine.

Swim start at London tri Lanzarote swimmers in pool Swanage swim start Michael in flowered swim cap

Reserving a place & enquries

Most Serpentine swimming is based on booking a block of 10-12 sessions and paying in advance.

We run the following block booked fitness sessions:

What you can expect

You won't be ploughing endless lengths in these sessions; they are yardage and drills based and so are more similar to interval or fartlek training with a specific focus for each part of the session. The sessions are usually suitable for all levels of swimmer but are front crawl only.

Big week training

Serpentine member, Michael Hanreck, took part in the Epic Camp in January 2004; an exclusive training fortnight for ironmen who could go long in under 10 hours. You can read Michael's advice about 'Big Week' training here.