Cycle Training on Weekends

Every Sunday there is a ride out from London into areas such as the Surrey Hills, Kent and Essex. The destination varies each week, so you're advised to either sign up to the Training - other (tri, dua, etc) email list (by going to SerpieBase and choosing Email preferences) or follow the Serpies Facebook group where the plan for the Sunday ride will be announced. Any updates (e.g. due to the weather) will also be communicated via Facebook. Before attending one of these rides please make sure you've read and understood the information under the Cycle Training section.

The plan for the next few weeks is:

Date Ride Lead
Sun 13 Jan Tom Surrey
Sun 20 Jan Ian Essex

Printable route maps and GPX files for some rides can be found in the bike routes section.

Rides to Surrey and Windsor from Richmond Park

We meet at the cafe in the Roehampton Gate car park, Richmond Park (please avoid blocking the road and pathways for other park users). Rides head out to the Surrey Hills via Kingston and Esher, or west to Windsor. The standard Surrey Hills rides all involve a cake stop at Box Hill and are:

One Hill - 71 km long. Route on MapMyRide.

Three Hills - 85 km long and quite a common route. Route on MapMyRide.

Four Hills - 105 km long. Route on MapMyRide.

Five Hills - 110 km long. The actual five hills included can vary, but always finish with Box Hill.

Six Hills - 113 km long. Route on MapMyRide. As with Five Hills the hills climbed can vary (and sometimes include a seventh!) but always finish up at Box Hill.

Six out, six back - 160 km

The basic Windsor route is 86 km with an option for laps to make it 100+ km. After arrival in Windsor, we’ll ride a varying number of laps of the Windsor triathlon bike course. Whether there is a cake stop depends on the group and its objectives. This route has less hills making it attractive to less strong riders but it is also an ideal route for Ironman training as it enables you to maintain an intensity and rack up more miles than the Surrey hills routes. 86km Route on MapMyRide.

Rides to Essex from Hackney Town Hall

We meet at Hackney Town Hall and head out to Essex. The ride is about 100 km long and mainly flat. There's usually a stop at about 60 km at the tea rooms in Blackmore for cake and coffee. Route and .gpx file for navigation.

Rides to Kent from Greenwich

We meet at Cutty Sark and head out through Catford to the North Downs hills of Kent. The ride is hilly and about 80 km long, although there are variations that add extra hills. There's usually a stop at about 60 km in Downe for cake and coffee. The original route was devised by Karl Hamilton. Route and .gpx file for navigation.

Rides to The Chilterns

These involve a train ride from Marylebone out to The Chilterns. Once there it's a hilly looped ride and train back to London. One of the most popular routes is approx. 80km starting in Princes Risborough. Route and .gpx file for navigation.