Coached Training

Serpentine offer regular coaching for all track events from sprint to middle-distance* and endurance, with occasional sessions for hurdles and steeplechase. These are held either by Serpentine coaches or in partnership with other local clubs as joint sessions.

We also offer regular coaching for all throws, and can provide some pole vault coaching if there is demand. Unfortuantely we are currently unable to offer any coaching for jumps as we don't have a coach, although we are looking for a partnership with another club to fill that gap.

Our junior section has a dedicated coaching team mostly focusing on sprints and middle distance (60m - 800m).

We would love to hear from any members who have an interest in becoming a technical coach and will pay for the courses required to gain a qualification in return for some level of commitment to coach Serpentine athletes. Please contact us.

* We are looking for a new middle-distance coach as ours has moved away from London.