Lanzarote Testamonial - Andy Greenleaf

Sporting interests: Running and Swimming

What were your aims before the trip?: Put lots of miles of running in preparation for the London Marathon. Do a load of strength training and conditioning. Do more stretching than normal. Learn how to do a tumble turn. Sleep. Andy Greenleaf

Did you fulfil your aims?: Almost - everything apart from the tumble turn. Having plenty of time in the day to stretch and relax meant that I could combine a number of running and swimming sessions which I would not otherwise have the time to do if I was in London.

Were you able to train with other Serpies of similar standard?: Yes - in the pool, and on the running sessions, there were always others to push you. And on the steady runs, there was always someone running a similar pace.

Were there a sufficient variety of sessions available to take part in?: Definitely. And the sessions could be tailored slightly depending upon what the individual was training for. For example, doing more/less reps.

What were the facilities like at Club La Santa? What was the scope of the run/cycle routes around the island?: You can't beat having a pool, gym and athletics track all within 2 minute walk of your room

Would you have any tips for anyone going on the trip for the first time?: Rent a bike on at least one morning/afternoon and explore some of the island. Make sure you bring a load of snacks from England to keep you going throughout the week.

Can you sum up your Club La Santa experience in one sentence?: A great place to combine running, swimming, cycling sunshine and sleep.