SerpieMail is the email service of the Serpentine Running Club. Club officers and volunteers can either have an "" address which is redirected to any mailbox of their choice or a mailbox hosted by Serpentine, if required.


  • absolutely free
  • your own permanent email address: either directed to any mailbox you like or with a mailbox on the Serpentine mailserver
  • access your email from anywhere in the world using the world wide web, through the Serpentine website
  • or use regular email software – eg Outlook or Thunderbird – to send and receive your SerpieMail – so you can read and write your emails offline
  • use SerpieMail to manage your other email accounts – or to check your other mail in the office or while travelling

Sign up for SerpieMail

To get a SerpieMail account you need to be an officer or volunteer of Serpentine Running Club.

Please send an email to including the following information:

  • your name
  • desired SerpieMail name – – in general, first names alone are no longer accepted
  • the email address you would like your serpentine mail forwarded to, or if you'd like a mailbox


Our Serpiemail FAQ section has answers to most of the common questions, otherwise please contact the administrator

Use Serpiemail