London Marathon Club Places

Every year, the London Marathon allocates guaranteed places for members of Serpentine RC. We choose to pass these on to members who have played an active part in making this such a great club. The qualification criteria and application procedure for club places are set out below.

Applications in Autumn 2019 for Places in the 2020 London Marathon

1. Membership and Marathon Entry Criteria

You must be a fully paid up first claim club member.

2. Volunteering Points (up to 20 points available)

Contributions over the previous 2 years (Dec 1st 2017 to Nov 30th 2019) count for these major volunteering activities

  • Active volunteer club coach coaching Serpentine members in a group, recognised as a club coach by committee
    • at least 25 sessions/year (10 points/year), or
    • at least 10 sessions/year (5 points/year).
  • Event organisation, e.g. Welsh Castles, NYD 10K, Handicap team (5 points for each event, max 10 points over 2 years).
  • Leadership of club non-coached sessions, e.g. Saturday Hampstead Hills; Richmond Sunday runs; Cycle leadership for at least 10 sessions per year (5 points/year).
  • Team Captain for a season (5 points/year).
  • Major support role e.g. welfare officer, website support, social media representative (5 points/year).
  • Committee Member for a year (5 points/year).

Contributions over the last 1 year (Dec 1st 2018 to Nov 30th 2019  : 1 point each contribution)

  • Helping at a Serpentine organised race (note: a member of an organising team may also gain points for helping at the events where they are on the team).
  • Adhoc volunteer coaching, recognised as a club coach by committee - per session (up to 5 points).
  • Kit room rota (up to 5 points).
  • Bag-minding lead role (up to 5 points).
  • Other contributions e.g. driving minibus at relay event, officiating at T&F meeting, helping at cross country (1 point per contribution, up to 5 points; please specify event/s and contribution/s made).

If you are unsure whether or how your contribution qualifies, please contact the Honorary Secretary.

3. Club Representation and Running Participation (up to 10 points available)

Races from the last 1 year count.

  • Each handicap raced (max. 4 points).
  • Each club championship race, only 1 of which may be multi-sport, the remainder must be road running (max. 6 points).
  • Each league meeting, (T&F, Summer, Assembly, or cross country leagues) (max. 6 points).

For all qualifying races you are expected to have worn club kit.

4. Priority

Priority for applicants shall be:

  1. 22 points or more – no club place in the last 2 years.
  2. 18-21 points – no club place in the last 2 years.
  3. 18-22 points and club place 2 years ago.
  4. 18-22 points and club place 1 year ago.
  5. Under 18 points.

If those in group (1) exceed the number of places available a ballot will take place. Any unsuccessful applicant following a ballot for club places who also qualifies for the following year will be awarded a double entry in the ballot for that following year. Similarly a ballot will take place as required among those from group (2). Group (3) will be ranked and further ballots held if deemed necessary. The Honorary Secretary shall be in charge of this process.

Runners are representing the club and must run in club colours. You must advise the Honorary Secretary if you are unable to run so that a substitution can be arranged. Changes are possible up until mid-February. The reserve list will be ranked according to the same priorities above. In some circumstances the Honorary Secretary may allow entry to be deferred till next year.

Finally, all applications must be made on the application form or by email, and sent to the Honorary Secretary by the closing date (to be notified by email each year).