The Stratford Cup

James Stratford and Ken Kwok with the new trophyThe Stratford Cup was donated to the club in 2015 by Ken Kwok, a long standing Serpentine member. Ken suggested the name of the cup in recognition of James Stratford, who has been the starter of the Handicap for many years - and James is delighted to be recognised in this way.

The Stratford Cup is presented to the athlete who achieves the highest average age-grading in the Handicap over six races in each calendar year, beginning in 2015.

Many thanks to Ken for the donation and James for his help over the years (and continuing help!)

Stratford Cup winners

For 2015, the top 5 are listed below. A complete list can be seen here

Position Runner Average of top 6 handicaps
1 Andrew Roberts 83.6%
2 David Smart 77.1%
3 Peter Holmes 76.9%
4 Giles Heywood 76.7%
5 Alexandre Bernigaud 75.2%