Thursday Track Sessions at Paddington - Middle Distance

Coach Nic Barberis organises this middle distance training session for Serpentine adults and juniors (U17 and older) on Thursday evenings at Paddington Track.

The coached session starts at 7pm and typically consists of a brief explanation of the session followed by a group warmup involving dynamic exercises and drills designed to improve your running and to get you ready for the session itself. The workouts usually finish by around 8:00-8:15pm with cool down and stretching. A track fee of £1.10 per person may be charged (to be confirmed), payable at track reception. Lockers and free changing rooms are available by reception: try not to leave any valuables by the track. 

Bring both trainers and spikes (if you have them): we may use both, depending on the session.

This session is not for beginners and it is aimed at those interested in competing in short track races over the summer: 800 to 3000m specifically. More details on the session itself, its suitability, and more personalised advice can be gained by emailing the Coach. If you're new to the session, please seek out one of the coaches before the session starts.

Full details of the programme are below and are also sent to the mailing list each week.

Date Session Note
08/03/2018 2x (200-300-400-400-300-200) [60s] between reps, 8-10min between sets 1500m focus
15/03/2018 2x (300-200-300-200-300-200) [50s] [10min] 800m focus



Thursday session is postponed to Saturday morning at 10am (same location), where we will have a visit from an external coach (Stevan Dokic), who will take the session and give some tips for MD training. Session will be along these lines

(200, 150, 200, 150, 200 [90s]) [10 minutes] (200, 200, 300, 200, 200 [90s]  

Fast pace and finish
29/03/2018 2x (4x 400m@1500m on 2min] [5-7min] 1500m focus
05/04/2018 2x (3x 300m@800m [60s]) [6-8min] 800m focus
12/04/2018 3x (4x 300m@ (increasing pace) [100m jog]) [4-5min] Fast pace and finish
19/04/2018 2x (300-200-300-200-300-200 @800-1500m) [50s] [10min] 800m focus
26/04/2018 2x (200-300-400-400-300-200) [50-55s] between reps, 8-10min between sets 1500m focus. Lighter session pre SAL match
03/05/2018 3x (4x (200m@800m [40s standing recovery) [7-8min]) 800m focus
10/05/2018 2x (300-200-300-200-300-200 @800-1500m) [45-50s] [8-10min] Change of pace focus
17/05/2018 2x (4x 400m@1500m on 2min] [5-7min] 1500m focus
24/05/2018 3x (4x 300m@ (increasing pace) [100m jog]) [4-5min] Fast pace and finish
31/05/2018 2x (200-300-400-400-300-200) [45-50s] between reps, 8-10min 1500m focus 
07/06/2018 2-3x (3x 300m@800m [50s]) [6-8min] 800m focus 
14/06/2018 1x (300-200-300-200-300-200 @800-1500m) [45-50s] [8-10min] +600m@800m + 4x200@1500m pace [200m jog] Change of pace focus and race test
21/06/2018 3x (4x 300m@ (increasing pace) [100m jog]) [4-5min] Fast pace and finish. Lighter session pre SAL match 
28/06/2018 No session this week  
05/07/2018 5x (400m@1500m on 2min) [5-7min] + few sprints 1500m focus
12/07/2018 2x (300-200-300-200-300-200) [40-50s] [10min] 800m focus 
19/07/2018 2-3x (3x 300m@800m [40-45s]) [6-8min] 800m focus 
26/07/2018 No session - 5k Club Championship at Battersea  
02/08/2018 3x (4x 300m@ (increasing pace) [100m jog]) [4-5min] Fast pace and finish
09/08/2018 2-3x (3x 300m@800m [35-40s]) [6-8min] 800m focus