Serpentine Running Club - My Events help

My Events allows you to:

  • keep track of your own events
  • see who is else is going to an event
  • offer or seek lifts at events
  • collect information such as estimated finish time and race number - allowing club members to support you better
  • allow the club to target teams at particular events
  • in the future, perhaps allow the club to provide transport to popular events and co-ordinate volunteer efforts

You need to be logged into the membership database in order to use My Events (otherwise the system has no idea who you are). Use the log-in button on the home page - you may find it best to check the box marked "Save my password on this computer" so you don't have to keep logging in. If you have forgotten your password go to the log-in page and follow the instructions there.

There are two ways into My Events. You might prefer entering via the Event Planner at:

Or you can go straight to the overview page of your list of events (see below) at:

There is a link on the home page that takes you to the My Events overview page.

In the Event Planner (if you are logged in), you will see a new icon (the little calendar graphic). By default this is blue, but if you have entered this event in your list it will turn red. You will also see a number in brackets after the event title - this is the number of Serpies who have added that event to their list. If you click on this number you will see who they are (but note the information on privacy below).

Click on the calendar icon to add the event to your list of events (note that all this does is add a record to your list, you will of course also need to separately enter and pay for an event). This will take you to the My Events edit page. On this page you can set your information about this event. If you decide you dont want to add this event to your list then click on Dont Add. Uncheck the Share details checkbox if you do not want other Serpies to see your details. Otherwise fill in your details (some of it, eg your mobile number, will be prepopulated from your membership record but you can edit this if you want) and click on Confirm. This will take you to the overview page for My Events.

The overview page gives you control over all your events in one single page. Use the pencil icon to edit your details for an event, the bin icon to remove an event from your list, or click on an event title to see who else is going. You can also change some of the basic fields directly on this page, make sure you click on Save to save any changes you make. If you want to change fields such as notes you will need to click on the pencil icon and edit an individual event.

You can always return to the overview page by clicking on the MyEvents button. There is also a overview of everyones My Events that you can view by clicking on the All button. The Planner button takes you back to the Event Planner. Some pages are limited to future events - click on the Show Old Events link to show the old events. Note that in order to manage our databases we may merge old events from time to time.

You can remove an event from your list of events by either clicking on the bin icon on the overview page or by clicking on the Delete button when editing an individual event. Deleting an event in this way only removes it from your list - it is of course still available for other people to add to their list.

The space on the screen is rather limited so by default people's notes and contact details do not show. Click on Show notes and contact details to see them, or Hide notes and contact details to turn them off again.

Upcoming events into your list of events will be highlighted on the home page list. You might also have noticed that if you ran a recent race that too will be highlighted on the home page.

My Events is limited just to the events in the event planner: if you want to get other events added email the details to


The information in My Events is only displayed to other logged-in members of the club: if you want you can also prevent other members seeing your information - although I feel that My Events works best if you share your information to other members. If you don't want to share your information with other club members, uncheck the Share details checkbox. If you choose not to share your details, then your name and other contact information will be withheld from other members; you will be counted in any totals eg of those attending an event.