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Serpentine has a Facebook page where you can find lots of information about what's happening in the club.

Serpies Facebook group

There is a Serpies Facebook group that's open for all current Serpentine members to join. This is a 'closed' group, which means that only current Serpentine members can join it and it's for all group members to be able to use to post about training and racing.

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Facebook FAQ

What's the Facebook group called?

Does this replace the Serpentine Facebook page?
No it doesn't. The Serpentine Facebook page is where the club posts information about club events and this will continue to be used for this purpose.

I'm a member of one or more Serpentine Facebook groups already - how is this one different?
A few Serpies have set up their own Facebook groups already eg Winter Rides (for cyclists) and Serpentine Tri Squads (for the tri squads!) The Serpies Facebook group is for all Serpentine members to share posts and photos. It doesn't replace the other, more specialised groups.

How is this different from the old Serpentine Yahoo e-group?
The Yahoo e-group is still running, but has become less and less used. Many people do use Facebook, but some don't, so for now the Yahoo group will continue alongside the Facebook group.

Can I post on the Serpentine Facebook page?
No. This page is kept for a few administrators to post on. As the page is public, if we were to open it up for all to post, it would quickly be filled with race details in far flung locations, charity places in races and tv companies looking for people to appear on reality tv shows!

What can I post / not post on the Facebook group?
We have created some basic guidelines about what the group is for, and also what it isn't for! These are:

The Facebook Group is:

  • for Serpentine club members only (if we can't easily identify you as a club member when you join, you may be asked for your membership number before joining the group)
  • to be used for running / triathlon related subjects e.g. discussing training tips, races, equipment, informal training sessions etc.
  • an informal forum. Please bear this in mind when arranging to attend informal training sessions organised through the group, and act responsibly
  • to be used in a respectful manner i.e. no inappropriate language or content, and be respectful of other members
  • to be used sensibly i.e. don't post anything you might regret later, or that is likely to offend others
  • not be used to swap race entries/numbers without first gaining approval to do so from the race organiser. If you do have permission, please say so when you post to the group
  • not a substitute for eBay or Gumtree i.e. no advertising of anything not running / triathlon related, such as flats with spare rooms
  • not the place the club will use to post information about official club activities e.g. club-organised training sessions and Serpie social events. For these, please join the Serpie email lists and see the Serpentine Facebook page

Is the group moderated?
A few Serpies have kindly volunteered to be administrators of the Serpies Facebook group. They are the people who'll check that people asking to join are Serpentine members. They will also check posts to make sure that they don't breach the guidelines. If guidelines are breached, posts will be removed and posters will be advised that they have posted something that they shouldn't.

How can I join?

Join Serpies Facebook Group

If the group administrators can easily tell that you are a current Serpentine member, your request should be approved. Some people use slightly (or very) different names on Facebook from those they've joined Serpentine with; or have the same name as another Serpie - in these cases, please be patient with the administrators who may have to contact you and ask for some more information, e.g. your Serpentine membership number, so they know that you are a current club member and can join the group. If you have any questions or problems in joining, please contact


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