Egroups - Frequently Asked Questions

What email forums are available?

We have one email forum:

  • serpentine – for all Serpies

How do I join?

Go to the sign up page here.

How do I unsubscribe?

From the email account you receive the emails on, send an email (which can be blank) to:

How do I change my email address?

To change the email address where you receive egroup messages, first make sure the new address you want to use is registered in SerpieBase – log in at – and update your email address details to include the new address.

Next, simply follow the instructions on this page to unsubscribe using your current address and then subscribe again using your new address.

If you have a Yahoo account, you can also change your email address there via the preferences page ( but please remember that any email address you want to use for the Serpentine forums must be registered in SerpieBase.

How do I get the daily digest instead?

Send an email (which can be blank) to:

How do I get a Yahoo login (profile)?

Go to the Yahoo website and click 'Sign up' and complete the form to create a login. The registration process automatically creates a Yahoo email but you do not need to use it — just as you ensure you enter your real email address in the 'alternate email' field and your group membership(s) can be done with that. Once you're registered you can associate any other current email address(es) with your profile to gain access to the web pages of the egroup(s).


  1. You do not need the Yahoo email address, although the registration procedure is designed to confuse you into thinking you do (it will get created but just ignore it).
  2. Take a careful look at the Yahoo privacy and communications policies — they're rather more liberal than most people are happy with so take care to un-tick everything you don't want.

What if I get too many emails?

If you find you are getting too many messages, you might want to switch to the daily digest which gives you all the messages for the day in a single email. Otherwise you'll need to unsubscribe.

How do I send a message?

First, you need to be a member of the list you want to mail to. Then simply send your message to:

Your message will be sent automatically to every member of the group.

Can I send information about my business / event / charity?

Only if it is directly relevent to running and triathlon. Please see the etiquette page.

I sent my message and it hasn't appeared?

Please be patient. Sometimes it can take 10 minutes or more for a message to be sent round. Please don't send it again, as this will result in duplicates.

Where can I get more help?

Email the egroup administrator at

Why am I not getting any messages?

The easiest way to see if there has been egroup activity is to check the Yahoo website. You should also check Yahoo to see if your email is bouncing. In both cases you need to have a Yahoo login (profile) associated with your egroup email address.

How can I get an "" email address?

You need SerpieMail.