Egroup Etiquette

  1. The email discussion forum is for members of the Serpentine Running Club to chat about running, triathlon, social events, and pretty much anything else they want. Not everything that is posted will be of interest to everyone, but we hope that you will find some of the messages useful.
  2. If you press reply to a message (other than the daily digest) then your reply goes to the person who sent the message. To send a message to the whole list, you must address it to
  3. Please do not include in your message the text of the message you are replying to. Some email software does this automatically: please either switch this off, or remember to delete it each time before you send your message. Repeating messages clogs up everyone's mailbox and is particularly frustrating for people who get the daily digest. By all means quote selectively from the message you are replying to, so that people know what you are talking about, but quote the minimum necessary to give the context.
  4. When setting 'out of office' to reply automatically to emails when you are away from your desk please set a rule so that this does not apply to egroup messages, and avoid the whole egroup tracking your days off and holidays.
  5. Remember that attachments to messages cannot be accessed by people who get the daily digest. Instead, you might want to put the gist of an attachment into your mail message, or send it to the webmaster to be put on the website.
  6. Please do not post messages about swapping race entries/numbers without first gaining approval to do so from the race organiser. Once you have permission please say so when you post to the group.
  7. Please do not send messages which might be considered offensive (e.g. racist or sexist). We all want to have fun, but not at the expense of others.
  8. Please do not send off-topic commercial messages, or messages offering Serpie discounts on your goods and services. You should send this information to the external liaison officer first.
  9. You may send non-commercial off-topic messages to the group (e.g. if you're looking for a flatmate who also has an interest in running), and on-topic commercial messages (e.g. if you have a running and tri-related business and think members would be interested) but we reserve the right to request prolific and blatant advertisers tone it down. And just to reiterate that off-topic, commercial messages are NEVER appropriate (e.g. if you are a landlord letting your whole flat). You will be kicked off the egroup if you abuse it.