Serpentine Email Forum

Serpentine has a Yahoo email forum (egroup) that you can join. It is one way to keep in touch with other Serpies for informal discussions, impromptu gatherings, questions, or anything else you want to share about both running and triathlon related activities, alongside the Facebook and Strava groups.

Note that this forum is entirely for members chat, you will not receive information about official club activities through this group, e.g. training sessions and social events, you need to sign-up to the official mailing list for that information. Nevertheless we do monitor postings to the group and we do not allow posts from non-members, nor posts that are off-topic AND commercial. Please see the FAQ for more clarification on this.

This service is totally free and the information is delivered to your email inbox. Once you have subscribed, you can decide whether to have individual email messages, a single daily summary (digest) or no messages at all (i.e. to be able to send messages only).

Please read our frequently asked questions for more information and the egroup etiquette before you send a message.

How to join

Using the form below

  • You must be a member of the club (do not try to join if you are not a member, you will be rejected)
  • You do not need to have a Yahoo email address
  • Enter your email address in the form below and click "subscribe":

Sign me up for the egroup
Please insert your email addresss:

The email address must match one of those you have listed in SerpieBase

Using email

You can also join the forum by email:

To receive the digest version

Both the above methods of joining will sign you up for individual emails. To receive the digest version:

To get no mail (post only)

Register as above for individual emails and then login to Yahoo and change your email preferences to "No email". Please read our FAQ "How do I get a Yahoo login (profile)?" if you do not have a Yahoo login.


If you have any problems with this, please read the FAQ. If that does not answer your question then contact the Serpentine egroup administrator at