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Committee – Fundraising


The role of the Fundraising representative on the Committee is to manage existing relationships with external funding providers and to research and develop new opportunities / relationships.

Specific activities / jobs

  • Coordinating grant / funding applications in association with the relevant club representatives

General duties and responsibilities

To work with the appropriate club representatives (and the WLAN / our CCSO) on securing grants / funding from the appropriate governing bodies (Sport England / EA) / London boroughs / local providers) with a view to achieving agreed strategic goals (eg coaching and performance development) and to monitor and report on any SLAs that are put in place around the provision of these funds.

Committee links

  • Running, Athletics, Juniors' & Triathlon Reps to collaborate on funding bids, monitoring of SLAs and the promotion of Serpentine activities externally
  • Strategic Partnership Rep to collaborate on funding bids and the promotion of Serpentine RC activities externally

Sub roles

  • CCSO
  • WLAN Representative