Debbie Croydon


BTF Level 2

ASA Level 2 teacher

ASA Level 2 open water

ASA Level 1 coach

Experience and Achievements

Debbie joined the Novice triathlon squad in 2012 and soon after completed her first sprint in 2013. Coming not from an endurance run back ground she has found triathlon both challenging and rewarding! She has enjoyed many sports and likes being out of her comfort zone and feels she can empathise with people who are new to sport, the young and the not so young.

She started coaching in 2014, focusing mostly on the swimming, realizing how important it is as a life skill she qualified as an ASA swim teacher and now teaches swimming. By the end of 2014 she had completed a half ironman and 2015 swam the Dart 10k swim. This year she's looking forward to a rest! No! She's looking forward to coaching and challenging herself with more events.