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Another fairly flat route from Richmond Park to Windsor via Sunbury, taking in Windsor Great Park but avoiding Staines.

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Windsor 89k cycle route map

Start and finish

The route starts and finishes at Roehampton Gate in Richmond Park.

Roehampton Gate map

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Route details

Km Directions
0 Start from Roehampton Gate Car Park Richmond Park.
4.0 Anti-clockwise around park road then turn right down steep hill (particular care) and through gate out of park along Ham Gate Avenue.
6.0 Left at lights onto Richmond Road into Kingston (particular care with traffic through Kingston).
8.5 Entering Kingston one-way system the road goes left at lights after passing under railway bridge. We suggest dismounting and crossing pavement to head right on one-way system (cutting out a large part of one-way system).
9.0 Cross bridge over Thames and left at roundabout along Hampton Court Road
11.5 After sharp-left bend at Hampton Court, move into right hand lane as approach roundabout (particular care with traffic).
11.6 Right at roundabout onto A308 into Hampton.
13.4 Pass through Hampton then turn left at lights by Water Pumping Station onto Lower Sunbury Road.
  Continue along road past water works and then through Sunbury and towards Shepperton.
19.2 Straight over at roundabout (particular care with traffic) onto B375 and continue through Shepperton and towards Chertsey.
23.0 Over bridge and into Chertsey, following main road through Chertsey town centre. Take care with several sharp bends.
24.8 Coming out of Chertsey go left onto dual-carriageway (particular care with traffic) and move into right lane as approach roundabout.
25.3 Right at roundabout onto Thorpe Road towards Thorpe and Virginia Water.
  Up hill and over M25 then left at roundabout at bottom of hill onto B389, passing directly back under M25 and into Virginia Water.
28.5 Follow road through Virginia Water going straight on at lights and roundabouts.
31.2 Leaving Virginia Water go left at lights onto London Road (particular care with traffic) and move into right lane as approach lights.
31.7 Right at lights up steep hill on Blacknest Road.
33.7 Sharp right at bottom of hill by pub.
35.6 Turn right into B383 Sunninghill Road.
38.2 Turn right at double roundabout (particular care with traffic) onto A332 towards Windsor.
42.7 Head straight on at roundabout into Kings Road.
43.4 Turn left into Osborne Road as you come into Windsor and head towards castle with park to the right.
44.1 Turn right into high street where toilets and coffee shops are located in the development on the left by Windsor Station.
45.0 After a suitable rest, retrace route out of Windsor, turning left onto Osborne Road.
45.5 Turn right onto A332.
48.3 Turn left into Windsor great Park and follow main road south.
55.2 Turn left as you leave park to return down Blacknest Road
57.2 Left at lights, staying on London Road.
57.8 Right at next lights into Virginia Water going straight on at lights and roundabouts.
62.0 Go under M25 and back onto Thorpe Road.
63.8 Go left at roandabout onto dual-carriageway and move into position for right turn.
64.0 Turn right into Chertsey and go straight on.
69.0 Straight onto Lower Sunbury Road passing the water works.
75.3 Right onto A308 towards Hampton Court.
  Take especial care when re-join A308 at Hampton and heading towards Kingston as there is often heavy traffic especially during middle of day at weekends.
80.0 Cross bridge into Kingston.
80.5 Left at lights in Kingston one-way system onto Richmond Road.
83.0 Right into Park at Ham Gate Avenue.
  Retrace route through park to Roehampton Gate Car Park.
89.0 Finish