Depending on your injury, you may want to see a podiatrist. They diagnose and treat disorders, diseases, and injuries of the foot and lower leg. A podiatrist can also help with maintaining the condition of your feet, such as by removing calloused or hardened skin and treating blackened or thickened toenails.

A number of specialists have been recommended by Serpie members (shown in bold) and they are listed below. Members with additional recommendations are invited to email them in the same format.

Note that neither Serpentine R.C. nor its members may be held responsible for any diagnosis or treatment. Before engaging the services of any specialist members should satisfy themselves as to training, experience and insurance. If in any doubt you should consult your GP.

It is strongly advised that you double check the cost with the specialist before commencing treatment.

Podiatrist Area Recommendation

Norbert Cauvas

Foot Factor

Email: info@footfactor.com
020 7631 0077

WC1 "I have no hesitation in recommending Norbert Cauvas at Foot Factor. He is a very sensitive and thorough practitioner. The equipment he uses is very scientifically advanced. However what really makes me single him out is that he makes the soles on site. I went into his clinic at 9.30 and emerged at 11.15 with my new feet. I was also encouraged to watch the whole operation." Sid Wills
Discount for Serpentine members

Simon Costain

Gait and Posture

Email: enq@gaitandposture.net
020 7636 4465

W1 "Podiatrist working from his Harley Street practice. Extremely competent, sees some of the top runners and contributes to Runners' World. Recommended for anyone who believes their injuries may be related to a gait problem." Andrew Maynard

Wayne Edwards


Email: wayneedwards@hfs-clinics.co.uk
020 7702 1112

Adgate and Harley Street "Wayne works as part of the well-established 'HFS'. He is very knowledgable about running & exercise in general & is always very encouraging about progress achieved. He gives 100% value for money & I always feel much better having had a consultation with him. Any foot or shoe problems, I recommend that you give Wayne a try!" Bev Thomas
Discount for Serpentine members

Ron McCulloch

London Podiatry

020 8297 9631 &
020 7637 2920

Lewisham and Harley Street "I'd highly recommend him – it's worth the trek to Lewisham!" Fran Acheson
"I can highly recommend Ron McCulloch, a podiatrist specialising in sport. I got his name from the Serpie website. Through him, I had identified exactly what my problem was and I got some tailor-made orthotics which completely solved three years of a nagging knee problem. Whilst he's not cheap, he's been fantastic value for money in saved physio fees and most importantly, the total absence of pain and all the frustration and depression that goes with being an injured runner." Rachel Black