First cross country champs race of the season

Entries are now open for the Liddiard / North of the Thames cross country championship, the first of this season's cross country races where advance entry is required. And once again, the race is also incorporating the Liddiard Trophy, so there's the opportunity to win a lot of trophies in one race!

If you’ve not run cross country for the club before, please don’t be put off by the “championship” tag. All this means is that the clubs are competing for a cup or trophy and you’ll find runners of widely differing abilities taking part in the race. So please come and take part - the more, the merrier!

Race details

Race HQ: Kingsbury Free Church Hall
Slough Lane, Kingsbury, NW9 8QG
Nearest tube: Kingsbury

UNDER 20 AND SENIOR WOMEN, 3 miles, starting at 2.00pm
North of the Thames - The first four to finish score as the team. Liddiard Trophy – first 3 to score.

UNDER 20 MEN & SENIOR MEN, 5 miles, starting at 2.30pm
North of the Thames - The first six to finish score as the team. Liddiard Trophy – first 6 to score

How do I enter?

Please email myself, Lisa Pettit at the following details by Monday 17th OCTOBER at MIDDAY:

  • Your full name (as registered on the Serpie database)
  • England Athletics registration number
  • Date of birth
  • If you're second claim

Please note adding your name to the Events planner WILL NOT enter you in this race. You MUST send your entry in by email. Any late entries will not be included.

Who can enter?

North of the Thames: Open to all first claim members of Serpentine Running Club

Liddiard: Open to all first claim members of Serpentine Running Club & second claim runners may run provided their first claim club is not competing.

Got a question? Please email me at
Looking forward to receiving your entries.

Lisa Pettit
Cross Country Team Manager

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