As you may well know, it’s the final round of Southern Athletics League matches this Saturday and it’s Serpentine’s turn to be the host club.  

Location: Millennium Arena, Battersea Park, (Chelsea Bridge side) Queenstown Road, SW11 4NJ

Daisy and I are looking for six more volunteers, four to help with the field events and two for the track races. 

The field events Serpentine will be judging are the men’s and women’s Hammer and men’s and women’s Pole Vault.  The good news is that these are at the start of the programme, so you only need be available for a limited time, 11.30am to about 3.00pm, although you’re very welcome to stay on if you’d like to.  With the hammer, you’ll be part of a team of 5 or 6 and be involved with things like measuring distances thrown, collecting the implements and returning them to the competitors.  With the Pole Vault judging you will be part of team of three.  Duties will include setting the bar at the correct height and adjusting the uprights to the correct position (these are the stands on which the bar balances: every athlete will have their own personal set-up for each jump). 

For the track judging you’ll be part of a team that will include judges from the visiting clubs.  Amongst the tasks will be deciding the finishing order of the runners in the various races.  The track judges will need to be available from 11.45am until 4.45pm-5.00pm.

This is the club’s final athletics match of the year and it will be good to end the season in style.  If you’d like to get involved, please can you contact either Daisy Gladstone on or me on

Thank you in anticipation of your support.

Malcolm French

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