Paddington Track

The second of the club championship summer grand prix races is on Tuesday evening at Paddington Track.

The race is free to enter but seniors will need to pay the £1 track fee at Paddington as usual.

Registration should open at 18.30 (or as soon as I get there from work) and will close at 19.20 to allow time for seeding everyone into the appropriate race. There will be several races, depending on numbers of competitors.

Please remember to wear your Serpie top (required to score).

We will also present the trophies for the 3000m, which was held last Tuesday, to Jonathan Bradford, Helen Gray and Simon Barrett.

Future grand prix dates

1 km
Hyde Park Sat 16th July, 9.00am
5 kmBattersea ParkThu 28th July, 7.30pm

Juniors welcome at all races!

Ian Hodge
Athletics Coordinator

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