Spring Marathon training

If you are preparing for a spring marathon, there are two Serpie facebook groups organised by club members which you may want to join.    These are used to co-ordinate long runs and other training schedules, share goals, discuss training plans and provide a forum to meet others with similar goals.  They are closed groups and are for club members only. 

Target Marathon 3:00-3:40 (or half-marathon in 1:25-1:40)   Join 300 - 3:40 group

Target Marathon 3:45 or slower (or half-marathon in 1:45 or slower) Join 3::45 or slower group

Also, many of you attended David Chalfont's marathon seminar earlier in the week.  For those who missed this or who would like to re-visit the content, the slide pack is here

Enjoy your marathon training,

Rich Bartlett, Maureen Seguin and Catharine Sowerby

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