Ahead of Wednesday's Committee Meeting a long-standing member of the Committee decided to step down. Andrew Scheer has been involved in the Serpentine Committee for over four years and served the club well in many negotiations and various partnerships with the organisations we are involved with. I'd like to express my thanks and gratitude, and on behalf of the club, to Andrew for all his work over the years, the committee has been significantly richer for his input.

In light of this news, the Committee decided to consider the make-up of the Committee and what our most pressing need might be in terms of current roles; not to immediately co-opt a member into the vacated role of 'Strategic Partnerships'. We shall discuss ideas at the next meeting (10 February 2016). In the meantime the discussions with Royal Parks and other partners will be dealt with by the Hon. Chairman, assisted by others including the Hon. President.

As always, we welcome any thoughts from members - the Committee has evolved over the years and it's important we take stock every now and again to make sure the activities of the club and members' needs are are best represented.

Jen Bradley

Hon. Chairman


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