Final 2015 results

The final results for 2015 can now be announced. In the marathon, all three winners were from the London Marathon: Jonathan Poole (2:20:38), Eve Bugler (2:51:41) and Hendrik Zietsman (88.7%). Full results here.

In the overall age-graded club championship. Andrew Reeves has regained the trophy he last won in 2012 with an average age grading of 83.2% over his best five scoring races. Peter Clarke and Hugh Torry came 2nd and 3rd. Full results here.

Congratulations to Andrew, Jonathan, Eve and Hendrik.

2016 Road Championship

The 2016 races are listed below. Further details are on the website.

MarathonAny raceduring 2016
Half MarathonBerkhamsteadSun 6th March
1 km
Hyde Park Sat 16th July
5 kmBattersea ParkThu 28th July
10 kmMiddlesex & OpenSun 4th September
10 milesCabbage Patchtbc October

Ian Hodge

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