RunTech - New Course Starts Soon

Sign up is now open for the next RunTech course starting at 7pm on Monday 19th October 2015 at Battersea Track.

RunTech is a 5-week course concentrating purely on the components that make up good running technique and over 150 Serpies have been through the courses in the past.  There is very little actual running, with the focus on practicing and learning the technique drills and exercises, and so can be slotted into your standard training week comfortably, without adding significantly to your weekly volume. 

Each session will be restricted to a small group (~15), last approximately 60-75mins, and will comprise a mix of the following exercises and drills:

  • Video of your running form
  • Dynamic Warm-up
  • Balancing exercises (to improve co-ordination, balance, alignment and core strength)
  • Technique drills including marching, skipping and running drills (to encourage good form)
  • Plyometric exercises (to improve power and co-ordination)
  • Shoulder and pelvis mobility exercises (for improved contra-rotation)
  • Hurdle Drills (to increase hip flexibility and range of movement)
  • Speed Agility Quickness drills (to encourage good form, improve reaction time, speed and power)
  • Core conditioning and strength exercises 
  • Cool down including stretching for flexibility
  • Homework exercises including videos of all the exercises as an aide memoire

The course will run for 5 consecutive Mondays from 19th October so make sure you can attend them all to get maximum benefit.

The cost is £50.  There is also a charge at Battersea track for entry and use of the changing facilities.

If you want to sign up please email me at

Hope to see you there.


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