Mud, Sweat and Beers

Come to the Intro to XC session – Wednesday 30th September after club runs at LWOTM! 

For those of you who are new to XC (Cross Country), here’s a bit about how you can get involved. If you’re a seasoned XC runner, here’s a reminder.

League Races

There are 2 leagues Serpentine compete in: Start Fitness Metropolitan League and Sunday League

The Metropolitan League covers 5 Saturdays between October and February and consists of separate ladies and mens races in and around London.

The Sunday League is a bit more relaxed with everyone running one race and they are held over 5 Sunday mornings between October and February.

Within both leagues, anyone can just turn up on the day and race and score points for Serpentine as long as you wear a Serpie vest and are not 1st claim for another club in the same league. Abilities are very much mixed, so when we say anyone can turn up and race, we mean ANYONE!

Championship and Cup Races

In between these league races are Championship and Cup races. There are 8 of these dotted throughout the season in and out of London. These are ADVANCE ENTRY ONLY (e-mails with entry deadlines will be sent out and put on the website). Do not be deterred by the title of these races. They are very much like the league races in that there are a wide range of abilities, the only difference being that the team are racing for a trophy and the increase in the size of the field.

All of these races are FREE to enter! Dates are all on the Serpentine race planner here. So get them in your diary and add your name to the race on the website.

After every Metropolitan League and Championship race a designated pub close to the venue is descended upon by us all, which is a good opportunity to chat about the race, be part of the ‘who got the muddiest’ competition, talk about the ups and downs (in every aspect of the phrase) and meet new people.

So what more do you want?? A chance to run as part of a huge red and yellow team in slightly different environments to which you would maybe ordinarily choose to race in, no entry fee, new running mates, inter and cross club rivalry and we all go the pub afterwards and have a good time!

We will talk more about the details of things such as race formats, distances, recommended shoes and answer any of your queries on Wednesday 30th September, so we look forward to seeing you there.

If you can’t make it and you have some burning XC questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Jo Beak – Ladies Captain

Fraser Johnson – Mens Captain

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