Officials' courses available for booking (yes, really!)

England Athletics have published the details of local courses over the next few months for those wishing to train as an official (and they're actually available to book, unlike last time I sent this message!) The club needs more members to do these courses so that we can continue to hold races and athletics meetings.

How do I become an official?

To become an official you have to do a half-day training course to learn the basics of timekeeping, track or field judging, or road/endurance officiating, and then follow that up by logging some practical experience at races or meetings to gain a license. The club pays for the course plus any travel expenses (within normal policy).

What kinds of official are there?

  • Timekeeper - the people with the stopwatch who record your times in road or track races
  • Track judge - the people who record finishing times in road or track races, and are resonsible for everything else on the track in an athletics meeting such as hurdle heights & positions, relay takeovers etc.
  • Field judge - those who organise, measure and record field events such as high jump, discus etc.
  • Starter/marksman - they organise the start, fire the gun
  • Endurance / Road race - they organise road races and take responsibility for things specific to events on the road such as traffic management and spectator safety. Note: this discipline requires more course work and more practical experience.

You can find out more on the England Atlhetics website (follow link to courses and bookings).

Serpentine needs more of all of the above if we are to continue to hold our own races and take part in leagues. We've already had to cancel races and had results barred from Power of 10 through lack of officals. If a few more members gained a license and helped out once or twice a year it would make a huge difference! Please consider doing one of the courses below and the club will help you get the experience to gain a license over the next 12 months (most experience is gained at athletics meetings so can't be gained until next season).


These are the local courses currently available to book.


11-Oct-15Kings College
15-Nov-15Lee Valley

Track judging

11-Oct-15Kings College
15-Nov-15Lee Valley

Field judging

10-Oct-15Kings College
08-Nov-15Lee Valley


22-Nov-15Lee Valley

If you'd like to find out more, or book any of these courses please get in touch with me for more details:

Thanks to everyone who has already responded to my earlier message and is planning on attending one of those courses!

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