Tube station relay on Sunday 4th May - Sign-up and FAQ

Can we get at least one Serpie to each of the 270 underground station stops by foot in one day? On 4th May we will try it with the Tube Station relay!

Many of you have already signed up (over 120 so far) and this email covers some of the most frequent questions we have received so far and to remind those who haven't signed up yet, that there is still time at our sign up page

What is it?
This is not a race, it is a social run around London with the intention to get a serpie to all 270 underground tube stations in one day. 

When is it?
Sunday 4th May. The aim is to end up at the Seymour Centre by around 6pm, before heading to the Wargrave for some food and drinks. 

How does it work?
You choose where to run and for how long along one of the tube lines. Then you need to show up on the day with your Serpie vest or t-shirt and wearing something of the colour of the line you are running along. We have captains taking care of each line who are currently recceing, planning routes and allocating times and paces. We will pass your sign-up information to them and they will get in contact with you to tell what to do on the day. 

How to register?
Just click on this link and follow the instructions. You need to state which line you are running along, between which stations you want to run and the expected pace you will be running at. Please sign up to help us and the captains with the planning.
No limits to the amount of stations and miles you can do: each leg will be run at the pace of the slowest in the group and the intention is to have fun and meet new people.

Unsure about the pace and worry not to be able to keep up?
Victoria Carrington will be leading a group for runners who are at all worried about keeping to a certain pace. This group will run from Kensington (Olympia) to Edgware Road, a distance of about 5 miles at a pace of 11+ minute miles. Please sign up for all or part of that route if you'd like to join her

Not decided yet what to run?
Well, we have still few gaps to fill in! Some parts of some lines need runners! In particular we are looking for runners to cover the following legs: please sign up for those if you have some flexibility for where you want to run

  • Central Line - Missing West Ruislip to East Acton
  • Central Line - Missing Ealing Broadway to East Acton
  • District Line - Missing Ealing Broadway to Turnham Green
  • District Line - Missing East Ham to Whitechapel
  • Metropolitan Line - Missing Watford to Moor Park
  • Piccadilly Line - Missing Osterley to South Ealing
  • Piccadilly Line - Missing Uxbridge to Acton Town

More info or question?
Have a look to our FAQ page (also below in this email) or drop us an email to Nick and/or James.

Nick and James


Q: Can two or more people run a leg together?
A: Of course! As long as we have at least one person on each part then people can run whichever part of the network they want

Q: Should each group on each leg run together?
A: Yes please, at the speed of the slowest on the leg. The only exception to this will be if we get a lot of people on some legs where we may need to split up so as to avoid causing disruption

Q: Can people run as little or as much as they like and be in a team?
A: Yes, people will be able to run as little or as much as they want, just let us know which stations you want to run from and to

Q: Does the Captain need to run all the stops on their line/ branch?!
A: The captain does NOT need to run all the stops on their branch - they'll be our coordinator for the route and logistics on the day.

Q: What kit should we wear?
A: Please wear Serpie kit, along with an item of clothing the same colour as your tube line!

Q: Is the Overground or DLR included as well?
A: No, we will only include underground lines in the relay: Metropolitan, Circle, District, Piccadilly, Central, Waterloo&City, Victoria, Bakerloo, Jubilee, Northern, Hammersmith & City

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