Going for Gold at the Commonwealth Games

We are pleased to welcome 1986 Commonwealth Games 10,000 metre champion Jonathan Solly to an evening at the Seymour Centre where he will discuss his running career; his move into coaching; life as a professional athlete in the 1980s golden era; endurance 'ethics' and those who wander from them; PBs from the Durham University Bar. Asking the questions will be David Chalfen, who has met Jonathan through the England Athletics Coach Mentoring programme who says "Even without the fancy PBs; the gold medal; and the voluminous training diaries, Jonathan is one of the liveliest characters one will meet in the sport. So whilst we will definitely gain some insights into his training (he was coached by Alan Storey, the most influential UK endurance coach of the last 25 years) I’m sure we will also have some thought provoking ideas and anecdotes that go beyond the stopwatch and the heart rate monitor".

This event is free and is on Thursday 3rd April 2014, 8:00pm at the conference room (downstairs) within the Seymour Centre, W1H 5TH.

Please sign up using the planner / myevents as we have a limit on places (45 max)

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