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This weekly newsletter covers all running sessions organised by Serpentine for the week 16th September to 22nd September.

All listed sessions are useful to everyone, although some of them may provide more benefits than others, depending on the race and distance which you are training for. Please contact us at if you have any questions.

More information about the different locations is available here. Please use the email addresses below for any queries on a specific session. For general queries, contact


Paddington track session

Start time: 18:50
Meeting point: 400m finish line
This week's session:  5x 1k (alternating between 3k pace (1, 3 & 5) and 5k (2 & 4)) with 200m jog recoveries
Session's objective: Speed endurance and preparation for weekend's relays.
Requirements: All welcome. The workouts attract runners with a broad range of ability. No need to book ahead. Track use and use of the changing rooms is currently free. Lockers take a £1.00 coin. Please use these for the storage of your property and do not leave valuables trackside.
Contact: Paddington Track Coaching Team

Dome/O2 session

Start time: 19:00
Meeting point: Greenwich Millennium village, about 1/2 mile East of N Greenwich tube station on the Jubilee Line, SE10 0QZ See map
This week's session: 6x 3mins @5k pace (60secs recovery); (3mins recovery), then 2x 3 mins @3k pace (60secs recovery)
Session's objective: The session is designed to make you faster over 10k to marathon distances.
Requirements: Please sign up here. There are public toilets at the tube station. Arrive in warm-ups. We can usually leave bags in a kind Serpie's boot during the session. The session usually finishes by 8pm.
Contact: Karen Hancock

New River Stadium

Start time: 19:00
Meeting point: 400m finish line
Requirements: You ideally need to run at least 41 minutes for 10k or better to attend these sessions. This web page gives details of what the sessions comprise and how they evolve over the year.
Contact: David Chalfen


Battersea track session

Start time: 19:00
Meeting point: entrance of the Millenium Arena
This week's session: 4-8x 1k @10k (90sec rest) OR 4-5x(1k@10k pace + 1k@M pace) (second session suggested for those training for a marathon)
Session's objective: Speed endurance.
Requirements: This week we are in the park. You will need to pay £2.70 for the use of the changing facilities, if you need them. Don't forget your stopwatch. Our sessions are open to any standard and speed and anybody is welcome. Please contact us if you have any question or are new to speed workouts.
Contact: Nick Barberis


Greenwich Hills

Start time: 10:00
Meeting point: Second bench to the right of the mini-roundabout at the top of the main Avenue in the Park
This week's session: 5x hill-sprints followed by 3x 12mins of continuous hilly loops with a few minutes recovery between each
Session's objective: To build leg strength, to develop good hill-running technique and strengthen your heart and lungs, to increase lactic acid tolerance and – not least –increases your confidence on hills.
Requirements: Please sign up here. If you're bringing a car-boot to store our gear in, you will be especially welcome - useful to indicate if so on the sign-up list.
Contact: Karen Hancock

Hampstead Heath Coached Hills

Start time: 09:20
Meeting point: Outside Parliament Hill Track, actually near the children's play area
This week's session: Practising race scenarios, plus steep hill sprints.
Session's objective: Build confidence and speed on hills.
Requirements: Please sign up here. Bring £3 to store your bags, a refundable pound coin, cash for the cafe, water/sports drink and plenty of enthusiasm. The session starts at 9.20 and finishes at 11.30. We then decamp to a local cafe for refreshments and chat.
Contact: Gowan Clews

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