Warning for cyclists in Kent

Last Saturday two cyclists in the approx 10-strong DeVer cycle club's beginner group were 'body checked' by a motorcycles in Kent (Biggin Hill) resulting in serious injury. It all happened so fast that despite being a fairly large group nobody was able to see and memorise the license plates.

The police are aware and have warned local clubs of a recent trend in cyclists being targeted (typically on quiet roads to avoid witnesses). There have even been reports of cars using ropes with hooks. The police are taking these incidents very seriously, but so far nobody has been caught because it usually happens so quickly that the victims, who often are in shock, are not able to register enough info to identify the attackers. Unless a cyclist has a helmet camera that is recording the incident, it is very hard to get the license plate info.

Please be extra vigilant when cycling and keep safe.

Sally Hodge

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