It was great to see so many people at Wednesday’s cross country talk.  Following this, a number of people have asked me to circulate my “general information” note and so it’s reproduced in full below. 

Additional information: The fixtures can be found in the Planner section of the Serpentine website.  You can narrow your search by selecting “cross country” in the Events section.  You can also use the Planner to add your name to any of the League races you want to take part in, as well as using the “email everyone on this list” facility if you want to try to arrange a lift to the venues.    

Malcolm French –  

The new season getting close and I thought it would be useful to put together a few notes about forthcoming races.  Serpentine will again be competing in a wide range of League, Trophy and Championship events.

We’ll be competing in the Metropolitan League.  This is an inter-club competition and the league includes most of North London’s leading clubs, about 25 clubs in all.  There are 5 fixtures, all on a Saturday afternoon.  Men and women run in separate races but at the same venue.  The race distances are about 5 miles for men and 3.5 miles for women.  Please note that cross country distances are rarely accurate – and you won’t find any mile markers or water stations!  The fixtures are all within easy travelling distance of Central London, this season being at Ruislip, Perivale, Stevenage, Alexander Palace and Woodford.  The venues all have changing facilities and showers and in most cases there are post race refreshments.  Last season, Serpentine’s women and men both finished in second place in the Metropolitan League.

We will also be competing in the Sunday League.  This league also has 5 fixtures and as the name indicates, they are all on a Sunday.  This season both men and women will run in combined races (starting at 10.30am) over a distance of 5-6 miles.  Most of the Sunday League races are in Hertfordshire, but many are still easily accessible from London by public transport if you don’t own a car.  The standard of the fields in the Sunday League isn’t as high as you’ll find in the Metropolitan League. 

You don’t need to enter any of the Metropolitan or Sunday League races in advance.  Just come along on the day.  You will need to run in a Serpie top (either running club or triathlon tops are acceptable).

We’ll also be taking part in a wide range of trophy and championship events.  For these, advance entry is required and you will need to contact our Entry Administrators, either Stephanie Vaatz (for the women) or Malcolm French (men) if you’d like to compete. Entries for these races have to be submitted about 6 weeks before the race dates, so please make sure you give us plenty of notice.  Please note that if you’re running in a Championship race, you must wear a Serpie running top (vest or t-shirt) and not a triathlon top.  Don’t be put off by the “championship” tag.  This description might give the impression that the events are only for elite, would be international, runners.  They aren’t.  In most cases, all this means is that the clubs are competing for a cup or trophy and you’ll find runners of widely differing abilities taking part in the races.  Here again, many of the venues are close to London. 

We hope you’ll support this year’s programme.  More than 100 Serpies turned out last season and we’d like to top this number in 2012/13.  We’ll be making plenty of use of the Serpentine Newsgroup to advertise forthcoming races.

There’s always a nice, friendly atmosphere at cross country races and the social side of the sport is also very important, so why not come along and give it a go?

Contacts: -

Stephanie Vaatz – 07879285541 /

Malcolm French – 020 8422 3900 / 

Victoria Crawford – 07828902579 /

Eric Philips – 07814418147 /


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