Green Belt Relay – 18-19th May 2024 – Please indicate your interest in participating/organising!

What is the Green Belt Relay?

The 2024 Green Belt Relay will be held over the weekend of 18-19th May 2024. Held over 2 days, each day with 11 stages. Each runner will run both Saturday and Sunday, on average about 10 miles / 16km each (totalling about 20 miles / 32km a weekend). The route is about 220 miles around the ‘Green Belt’ of London, i.e. Starting in Hampton Court, it goes through Surrey, Middlesex, Hertfordshire, Essex, Kent and back to Kingston.

Serpie GBR Team 2023 at the finish in Bushy Park Sports Centre


There will be one away night (at the Holiday Inn in Basildon, Essex). The Club will organise accommodation for the team so you don’t need to book for yourself, although you will pay for your share on the day (it was £45 per person in 2023). Entry fees are to be confirmed (£72 for 2023; a small increase is expected for 2024) – this will include race entry, transport, official race T-shirts etc, and excludes accommodation and meals.

In the 2023 race, we fielded 3 teams (a total of 34 runners), with the fastest men and women forming a team and winning the mixed category. We will consider the composition of the runners signed up and enter teams in the appropriate categories (men’s, women’s, vets’ and mixed), so that the whole spectrum of the club is represented. If there is high demand we could run an additional mixed team. We are hoping to have some of the fastest runners in the club to take part so at least one team will be competitive for prizes. Other teams could be of mixed ability and participation-based, so all runners have an opportunity to get out, enjoy the race, and take on a challenge. As a pace guide, you can join us if you can run 10 min/mile (approx 6 min/km) or faster. Second claim members are welcome to run for Serpentine as well.

Those who have taken part in previous relay weekends would know what great fun this race is.  Most of our best memories in the club come from group or relay races like the Green Belt.

The race organiser’s website is here.

Serpentine RC Mixed Category Winners of GBR 2023


What do I do if I’m interested?

Please fill in this simple form by following this link. As this is not the actual entry but just an indicator of interest. 

Putting your names down now doesn’t guarantee your entry, nor does it mean you must enter. We will advise how you can enter in early 2024 for the event. However, it gives us an idea how many people would be interested in entering, and in turn it helps us decide how many teams we as a club will enter. Therefore, if you can’t decide at the moment, but you may be able to join, please show your interest anyway.


Can I help organise the teams?

Yes! Frank and I are staying on as team organisers, so we can do with someone else joining and there are plenty other things you can do.  Most importantly, we will need 8 drivers for the weekend, some will need to collect a hired van the Friday before and return it on Monday. Don’t worry if you’ve never done it before – there is a lot of experience among club members who can advise what you need to do, also we have step-by-step guides and race manuals to guide you through.

If you’re interested, please indicate in the same form.


What about other relays?

Those who have been in the club for a number of years would know that we entered the Welsh Castles Relay in 2022 and 2023. If we have a few individuals coming forward to organise the teams for 2024 (dates are 8th & 9th June 2024), we could be entering it as well – please contact me if you’re interested.

Elsewhere in the country, there is the Essex Way Relay (early September) which we have never entered but we could consider entering. The hardy souls might consider entering and organising for the Round Norfolk Relay (mid September), which we took part in previous years.

There are other relay races happening across the country. If there’s one you come across that you think the club could enter in 2024, or you’d like to enquire about the races above, please let us know in the same form.


Hans Ho

On behalf of the Serpentine RC Green Belt Relay Team


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