Join the New Serpie Marketing Team!

Why Marketing?

We are a great club – we have almost 1200 members, we offer many sessions and social events, we enter lots of competitions, and most of all we provide a fantastic running and ‘multi-sport’ community. However, we also have a lot of potential to grow and develop further whilst continue what is already great about us. Since the end of the Covid pandemic, we have stabilised our membership numbers and now we have a good mix of longstanding and recent members.  And we want to remain attractive to people to stay running and racing with us.

Our members come from all walks of life, and we have members of all backgrounds. What we now want to do is to be more attractive to more runners. Also, we have increased our social media presence over the past 12 months – something I’m very proud of as the Club’s Comms Rep.  We want to see how we do even better and take our promotional effort to the next level.

Therefore, I would like to set up a new Serpie Marketing Team, comprising a few enthusiastic and reliable club members. Would you like to be one of us?

Who should join?

Well – anyone who is enthusiastic about promoting our club and has great ideas about how to market ourselves, please join us!

I would take this opportunity to ask those who have professional skills related to marketing to be part of our team, for example:

  • Those who work in marketing or branding.
  • Those who are active on social media, particularly if your work involves social media.
  • Those who work on writing or involve in communications.
  • Those who have experience organising promotional events.
  • Those who work on website development or maintenance.
  • Those who work in graphics design.
  • Any other related aspects.

But don’t let not having any of the above stop you. You don’t need to be a ‘professional’ marketing person. You also don’t need to have many years of membership – new members can offer just as important insight as longstanding ones. And as if it needs saying – you clearly don’t need to be a ‘fast’ runner! Ultimately, I’d like to invite those who can spare time and do something for the club in a fun and meaningful way.


What will I do if I join?

Since the Committee has worked on the Club’s future strategy, led by our Treasurer Imran Ahmed, we have some ideas on what to do to market ourselves, but we will continue to develop more ideas – and your input would be vital. The following are just some ideas we have thought about:

  • Social media – join our current social media team (brilliantly led by Nicola), but also explore / manage new social media channels, for example increasing our presence on Strava.
  • Marketing events.
  • External partnerships – discounts, sponsorships, media collaboration.
  • Promotional writing.
  • Exploring marketing potential at Serpie or external running events.

Worth noting that what exactly your role would be depends on the skills offered by our volunteers. We could be asking an individual to take up more of a leadership role if we have someone who is suitable.  Also, you could be invited to work on aspects of your choosing, either within the Marketing team or elsewhere. We will determine the structure of the team collectively once we have the volunteers on board.


How to join and what happens next?

Please fill in this simple form to register your interest, and respond by Sunday 8th October.

I will then get in touch with those who have shown interest. The current plan is to select several individuals and to ensure we have a good mix of skills, experience, and interests, with a team set up by mid or late October. A start-up meeting will be set up soon after to decide on the next steps.

Any questions, including any ideas related to club marketing, please contact me.


Happy running,

Hans Ho

Marketing Lead


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