Annual General Meeting 2023

We will adapt the Wednesday Club Run on the day so that everyone can attend, have their say and help set the agenda for the Club! As usual after the AGM, we will also be offering a drink for those present to celebrate the Club’s year, some awards and our exciting future!

The Club’s Annual Report for this year is now available to read here (Annual Report 2023).

As part of this year’s report, we are also very excited to announce the outcome of the strategic review that the Committee has been working on since January 2023 and the proposed areas of focus for the future to ensure that the Club continues being a large, welcoming, inclusive and diverse running and multi-sport community for many years to come.

To implement some of the changes required, we are looking to pass the following three resolutions to amend the Club Rules at the AGM: 

  1. A resolution to split the Club’s governance into two committees (a governance committee and an operational committee)
  2. A resolution to facilitiate the Club’s incorporation into a different legal structure
  3. A resolution to eliminate references to Club Headquarters given the temporary closure of the Seymour Centre

You can find a copy of all three resolutions here (Proposed Resolutions 2023).

In addition, at the AGM we will be voting on Committee members for 2023/24. This year, we have received the following nominations and expressions of interest: 

  • Chair: Carlos Arrebola
  • Treasurer: Imran Ahmed
  • Membership: Catharine Sowerby
  • Marketing: Hans Ho
  • Technical leader: Karen Hancock 
  • Race Organisation: Stephanie Vaatz
  • Competition: Lina Ambruleviciute (to be co-opted)
  • Triathlon: Hamilton Huxham 

We are still looking for an enthusiatic Secretary to help us develop the Club over the coming years (especially, as we go through incorporation). If you would like to be considered for this position, please contact  Carlos Arrebola at


Please do not hesitate to contact any Committee member with any queries. If you have specific questions that you would like answered at the AGM, please do send them through to and we will make sure that these are covered in detail. There will nonetheless be some time for Q&A on the day.


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