Summer League at Battersea Park (Sun 13th Aug) – More Volunteers Needed!

Volunteers needed

Thanks to everyone who have come to the last four races over the summer. You would have seen how wonderful the other hosting clubs staged the series so far – let’s make this coming Sunday a success as well!

Mornington Chasers volunteers starting the 10k race on 30th July at Regent’s Park (4th fixture of 2023)



Most of the roles required don’t require any qualifications. The roles include (but do not limit to):

  • Marshals
  • Finish Funnel Stewards (guiding runners into the finish funnel)
  • Finish Place Handlers (handing out finish position numbers to runners)
  • Water Station Volunteers
  • Bag Minder

These roles will require you to be free during the race, hence ideal for those taking a break from running whilst still wanting to experience the race atmosphere that morning. You’ll need to arrive at Battersea Park (about 200m west of the Bandstand) by about 08:45. With the 10k starting at 09:30 and with the tenderfoot race and relays afterwards, the event should conclude by about 11:30. 

We have a good team so far but we can do with another 6-10 volunteers.  If you are available to help this coming Sunday morning, please let us know using this form or email our Race Organiser Stephanie Vaatz. Please contact us by Thursday 10th August so we can allocate a role for you before the weekend.



As usual in the Summer League, we as the host club will be providing a picnic for all participants.  Thanks to those who have said they would be bringing food or baking products – I have already contacted you.  If you would like to bring something to add to our spread, please email me and let me know what you’d like to bring.

The great picnic provided by the Mornington Chasers last week – let’s do an even better one!


Any further questions, please let me know.


Hans Ho

Communications Representative


[Photo credit to Bruce Li (Ealing, Southall & Middlesex AC)]


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