New 10k course – starts on Saturday 22nd July

The 10K group, led by Georgie Shanahan and Catharine Sowerby, hope to improve your 10K pace and will target a 10k race in the autumn.  To join the course you should be able to run continuously for over 30 minutes and your 10k target time should be 48 minutes or more.  You should expect to train 2-3 times per week to make the most of the group. 

The graduates of the last 10k course joining other Serpies in the Kew Gardens 10k in April 2023


Details of the courses and sign-up are now on the website here.   Anyone, including current club members, is very welcome to join this course, and please do invite your friends, relations and colleagues to join the course and encourage them to sign-up (and what a great opportunity to get more runners into the club).  If your friends, relations and colleagues are too experienced for these courses why not suggest they join a social run with the club on any Wed evening or Sat morning.

Thank you to Georgie for organising and leading these groups.  Hope to see some of you soon!


Catharine Sowerby 

Serpentine Club Runs



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