Serpentine Success in Southern Vets Athletics League

The final meeting of this year’s Vets Track & Field Season took place on 12th July. Going into the final meeting both the Men’s and Women’s team were in contention for winning the league. On the night, the Men’s Team won the meeting, which meant that they won the league, the women came second which unfortunately meant that Hillingdon Ladies won the league with Serpentine Ladies in second place for the season.

The men’s team last won the league in 2021, but that was a season that was shortened by Covid, so this is the first time in the club’s history that the Men’s team have managed to win the league after a full season’s competition. This victory was true team effort with a lot of athletes competing over the course of the season in the various age categories.

Prior to Covid there was an annual final between the winning teams across the South of England, we are very hopeful that there will be final this year to give our team the chance to compete.

Full results on 12th July can be found here:


Andrew Maynard & Catkin Shelley

Serpentine Southern Vets Athletics League Captains


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