Welsh Castles Relay 2023 (10-11 June) – Registration Ends Wednesday 17th May!

What is the Welsh Castles Relay?

The Welsh Castles Relay is a two day event taking place on Sat 10th and Sun 11th June. It starts in Caernarfon, North Wales, on Saturday morning and ends in Cardiff on Sunday afternoon. Most runners will leave London on Friday afternoon 9th June in hired cars, with the option to travel up Saturday morning as well.

The race involves 20 stages (10 stages each day) run mainly on rural roads over a range of terrain from flat roads to mountain passes. Everybody runs one stage, with stages varying between about 12km and 21km. If you’re targeting something specific, we can try find a stage that suits you best.

Each stage starts as its own race so you’re sure to get a good competitive run out of it, with individual Stage Winner’s t-shirts and trophies up for grabs. The times from each stage are then added up to determine the overall winning team. As well as running you get involved in marshalling, handing out water and we need a few minibus drivers too.

You will also get a great dry-fit Welsh Castles Relay T-shirt provided by the race organisers.


Anthony going steady in Stage 18 near Merthyr Tydfil in Welsh Castles Relay 2022



We currently have 14 runners in the team, so we have 6 guaranteed spots left.  All participating teams have been asked by the organisers to submit a squad list by the third week of May, therefore we would like you to join the team by Wednesday 17th May.  To those who have been in touch with us in the past few weeks and have been considering taking part, please sign up as soon as possible.


Follow this link to register


Please note you will pay £80 deposit at the time of registration, with a final payment (approx. £80 for non-drivers and £40 for drivers) to be made before the event, once we have calculated the overall cost for the whole team.

You will also need to have England Athletics Registration for the 2023-24 season, you can pay for the registration on Serpiebase (£17 per year). In case you wonder why you need an England Athletic membership for a race in Wales – runners in this event need to be first claim members of participating clubs under UKA and the organisers will check this. However, the registration will also allow you to run cross country and sign up with a discount in most UK races, so you are likely to benefit from this as well as being eligible for Welsh Castles.


Late joiners / early leavers welcome

The plan is we will leave London together as a team on Friday afternoon 9th June and come back early evening of Sunday 11th June. However, we are also open to team members to join late if your stage is not until Sunday, or if you can leave the team early after your stage finishes. Please get in touch if that works for you.


Follow this page for more information. Look forward to seeing your names on the roster!


Ronald, Hans & Jessica

Serpie WCR Organising Team 2023


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