Green Belt Relay 2023 – Join us as a reserve runner!


Michael and Svetlana finishing Stage 7 in Letty Green, Hertfordshire, in Green Belt Relay 2022


Based on past experience, there are normally a few unfortunate drop-outs due to injury or illness, some only a few days before the event.  Therefore, we welcome you to join our reserve list if you’re free that weekend. It is worth putting your names down even if you’re just a ‘may-be’. We welcome runners joining our reserve list up until the day before the event.

Sign up here to join the waiting list

As team organisers we will decide who to promote to the team. This could be based on operational reasons (e.g. if one of the drivers drop out, we are likely to call up a reserve who volunteers to drive), or if we are missing runners from a particular category (e.g. Vets). We will invite someone to join the team as soon as there’s a need to do so, so the new joiner has as much time in advance as possible. You don’t need to pay the entry fee to be on the waiting list – you will only be asked to pay if you receive the invitation from us.

For more details of the race weekend itself, please follow this link. Any questions, please email us.


Frank, Sophie F & Hans

Serpie GBR Organising Team


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